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There was a time I thought I wasn’t disciplined enough to maintain a blog. Those were the thoughts of Old Sarah.

New Sarah is building her best life.

Here are our current goals:

  1. Tidy and organize the apartment.
    My dream has always been to have my own space to live and grow. My apartment is better than anything I could ever have hoped for- tall ceilings, natural light, and beautiful trees outside my window. And even better- a climate controlled art space!
    My roots started in my parent’s garage. I’d paint hours and hours each day, risking frost bite and heat stroke. I hold so much love for my humble “Sarahge” and now my biggest goal is to transform my apartment into a clean and cozy creation space.
    It often feels like my life is on hold until I overhaul this apartment. Whenever I’m doing something, it always weighs heavy on my mind that there is so much left undone. There can never be true peace until it’s finished.
    It’s true, ADHD feels like a 10ft wall between me and my goals. But I’ve also never been more determined in my life than this moment
    I plan to keep this progress updated on my new “blog” and if you’d like to message me some encouraging words, feel free to DM on instagram: eyeofrah_official.
  2. Release a series of art prints on the website.
    It’s blessing to have gathered so much interest in my work. Although I’ve grown so attached to my original pieces, my goal is to create beautiful archival-quality prints for my customers. I already have some snapshots taken. I’ve been telling myself that I need to scratch the apartment off my task list first before I can do this, but what’s stopping me from doing both? You can do it, Sarah.
  3. Build a social media platform.
    This one is tricky.
    Social media doesn’t come naturally to me. In truth, nothing “social” ever does.
    It’s something I hope to cultivate. 
    My biggest goal is to create a space that is open and accepting; where people can explore their creativity in sanctuary.
    I intend to be an advocate of mental health and inclusivity, and use my platform to spread awareness and invoke change.